Time keeps on ticking . . .


I know that many of you out there have been refreshing the blog recently, waiting for a new post. The reality is that we are still waiting for movement in the Senate judiciary committee. Anyone interested in helping make felony expungement happen in Kentucky, I would urge you to look up your Senator here. Contact them ASAP and let them know that you support HB40, and think that it is superior to SB77. Our governor has said that he will sign HB40. Now is the time to really push this issue. Whether you live in Louisville or Lexington, Covington or Catlettsburg, Paducah or Pikeville, lets reach out and make as much noise as we can to get this moved to the floor for a vote.

Tomorrow, I am going to write a post outlining the racial disparity involved in felony convictions in Kentucky. Many have seen this as primarily an issue of economic importance going forward. I see it as a way to reverse some of the negative impacts of racism and the new-Jim-Crow in my lifetime.

I’ll see you all tomorrow.