What offenses would be covered by Stivers’ 2016 Class D Felony Expungement Bill – Part 1

I’m trying hard to break down what offenses will be expungeable under the Stivers Bill. Of course, this is all subject to change as the bill hasn’t yet passed. I got through about the first third of them tonight. The rest will have to wait for a later post. That being said, here is my first post on what offenses are eligible for expungement under Stivers’ bill:

  • KRS 17.175 – dissemination or misuse of the state DNA database.
  • KRS 186.990 – Theft of vehicle registration stickers; various other tax provisions related to dealers’ tags
  • KRS 194A.505 – commonly referred to as “False Statement to Receive Benefits”. Welfare/Food stamps fraud.
  • KRS 194B.505 – was repealed in 2005. Believe it may be also related to benefits fraud, but will have to check older law books.
  • KRS 217.181 – Theft of a Legend Drug. Stealing a prescribed substance that isn’t subject to the controlled substance act.
  • KRS 217.207 – Theft of or trafficking in prescription blanks, second offense.
  • KRS 217.208 – Forgery of a prescription.
  • KRS 218A.240 – Making a false statement to procure a controlled substance.
  • KRS 218A.1415 – Possession of a Controlled Substance, First Degree. Cocaine, Meth, LSD.

I’ll be back tomorrow to parse some more. Sorry this is taking so long, there are some esoteric parts of the code in the bill.

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