Getting nervous, but still a good chance the bill passes.

Yesterday, Sen. Neal filed an amendment to change the cost of applying for a felony expungement from $500 to $250. I’m hearing that there is still a good chance that a bill passes, and if it does happen we should know very soon. A few additional edits have been made to the Senate bill over the last few weeks. I will try to go over those tonight. Stressful times, but I remain hopeful.

If if you are interested in this issue, please, call and leave a message for your state Senator on the hotline. The toll free number is 1-(800) 372-7181. Let’s land this plane!

6 thoughts on “Getting nervous, but still a good chance the bill passes.

    • Felony Expungement KY

      It did. Still working on the post but most simply: it goes back to the house. In all likelihood it passes, or goes to committee. Governor Bevin has already committed to signing a version of the bill. It most likely goes into effect in July. I’ll have a full write up tomorrow. Thank you for your interest.


  1. Marty Goldsmith

    Do you thank the Judge’s will rubber stamps these for people that have no new crimes ? Do you thank the Commonwealth Attorney, will fight these or have no postions


    • Felony Expungement KY


      I think it’s going to depend on what the charge was and the jurisdiction. Some prosecutors will be more likely to object. Some judges will be more likely to grant them. It’s pretty much in the judges discretion to grant or not. I’m hopeful that most judges will grant the cases where the person qualifies. Time will tell. A good lawyer who can explain the circumstances of the defendant and all the steps he has taken to change his life will probably go a long way in getting the petition granted.


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