No bill today it looks

woman book

I know that lots of you are anxiously awaiting Governor Bevin signing HB40. It will automatically become law ten days after it is delivered from the concurring body (that being the House, who sent the bill to the Governor on April 1). I have every expectation that the Governor may be planning some sort of event for the signing of this historic legislation. There is no reason to believe he will veto it. He won’t. He has said multiple times he will sign it.

All the same, I would like to see the final language of the bill before posting my thoughts on it. I know a lot of people with old offenses are excited and ready for the opportunity. Regardless of when the bill gets signed, it will not go into effect until July, and the forms to apply likely won’t be out for months. We will have plenty of time to discuss how the law is going to work and explore some of the nuances of it between now and then.

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