Patiently waiting


I know that Governor Bevin is very busy, and I have no doubt that he intends to sign HB40 into law very soon. I’ve seen a lot of traffic from people interested in the bill the last week, and I’m sure you all are waiting for the same thing I am–the Governor to sign the bill so we can start talking about the process for getting Kentuckians back to work, back to voting, and back to college.  I appreciate all of you that check the site daily and everyone out there Googling to find out what’s going on. As soon as I have word that the bill is signed, know that it will be posted here, along with a big announcement about free tools to help you determine if you qualify.

I know how important this issue is to everyone. Patience is key for now, as even after the bill is signed, it will still be July before we can file a petition. I know that all of you with felony records have been far more patient than I can ever imagine. I hope that this site, as insignificant as it may be, has inspired those of you who will qualify in July and those of you who will qualify under future bills that pass. HB40 is not the end of the journey. It’s the beginning. Disenfranchising and disqualifying people from jobs for life is inhumane to them and unsustainable for Kentucky. Let’s help all of our neighbors reach their potential.

Thank you for reading,



7 thoughts on “Patiently waiting

  1. Sandra

    Thank you for doing this website to get updates on this law. It’s so much better than Googling for any new information. Look forward to reading your future posts


      • Sandra

        As the bill is currently written, would someone who had one conviction of 218A.1421 over 20 years ago (and no other charges since) be considered eligible to have their felony record expunged?


      • Bradley Clark

        Sandra, that is not an offense that is on the list, unfortunately. It was an offense that I specifically asked Senator Stivers to include, but it didn’t make it (although cultivation did). I have good reason to believe that it could be added next year. I’m building a free tool that will keep people up to date about when they become eligible for expungement, and if they become eligible because the law changed. I’d urge you to keep checking this site next week for more information on how to sign up, or to contact me via email at


  2. Bradley Clark

    It is also possible that given the length of time since your conviction that a sympathetic prosecutor could agree to a 60.02 to change the conviction to something that would be expungeable. If you’d like to contact me at we could also discuss the specifics of that option.


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